The Municipality of Malalag envisions to establish a true government of, by and for the people that shall embody their needs, aspirations, and ideals inorder to build a just, humane and self-reliant community whose primary concern is to promote the common good, to genuinely implement equitable distribution of wealth, to conserve and regenerate the blessings of nature.
Further, the Local Government shall be able to direct an equity-led, sustainable development that shall make the people free from economic bondage and social injustices guided by self-determination and the essence of participative democracy.


In the attainment of its vision, the municipality hereby manifests its primary purposes and functions as follows:

  1. To become the Provincial Agri-industrial Center of Davao del Sur inorder to accommodate local, domestic and foreign indus­trial investments by maintaining a conducive and secured environ­ment.
  1. To become the Major Fruit Processor in Southern Philip­pines with competitive efficiency in local, domestic and foreign markets through the establishment of a Provincial Agro-industri­al Center equipped with sufficient infrastructure facilities and utilities and ensuring therefor abundant supply of raw materials and manpower resources.
  1. To establish and develop the Malalag Port into a port of international standards catering both inter-island and for­eign vessels by means of the build-operate-transfer scheme.
  1. To become a leading Local Government Unit in Region XI in effective local governance and in exercising outstanding work performance that results to sufficient and quality services through a continuous process of upgrading capability building of the human resources.
  1. To restore and protect the vital ecosystems within the town that enhances diversity of resources and sustains life-support systems through regulatory and non-regulatory measures.